Myeloma Meetups are ways for myeloma patients to get together with other patients in their local area. Get together for a monthly meetup to talk about topics ranging from Myeloma 101 to the very latest in research, join a Myeloma Crowd Round Table when we come to your city, or just meet for lunch to share experiences. 

Why is the Myeloma Crowd hosting Myeloma Meetups? Because we believe that ALL myeloma patients need to get their best outcomes. Today there are many patients who don't go online to learn about their disease, attend traditional support group meetings or see a myeloma specialist. In fact, over 80% of myeloma patients are seen by a local oncologist. While your local doctor may be excellent, keeping up with the changes in myeloma is tough if you are also treating many other cancer types. Patients who see a myeloma specialist live between 22-38% longer because specialists are giving their patients the latest treatments, offering their patients clinical trials and are at academic centers with excellent supportive care. Finding an experienced doctor who specializes in this complicated disease is key. 

Myeloma Meetups are also a way to learn more about a new tool called HealthTree that allows you to find personally relevant treatment options, clinical trials and helps advance research. With HealthTree, you can help accelerate a cure. We will have specialists available to help your meeting attendees use this important tool.

Myeloma Meetups are chapters that can be created in your area. Whether your group is 5 or 500, Myeloma Meetups help you find the support and information you need to manage your multiple myeloma care. The Myeloma Meetups offer up-to-date important topics like immunotherapy, stem cell transplant, the tests you need and why you should consider a clinical trial. When you learn more about your disease, you become a better advocate for your own care. 

Join or create a chapter today in your area to find support or share your knowledge with your myeloma friends.