Become a Myeloma Meetups Leader

Want to help those struggling with multiple myeloma? Becoming a Myeloma Meetups leader is easy. Just email us at We'll help you create a Myeloma Meetups chapter in your area. Then you can use our easy online tool to schedule meetings and invite participants. 

If you would like to host educational meetings, we will provide you with 12 months of 30 minute presentations you can share with your group. This will include pre-prepared videos on topics like immunotherapy, stem cell transplants, clinical trials, myeloma disease testing, how to live longer with myeloma and the latest research from popular myeloma conferences. Or create a more casual meeting with a fact sheet handout with Q&A answers from top myeloma doctors. It's easy to become a Myeloma Meetups leader because you don't have to understand the science to lead a meeting. 

We'll even send you a speaker and mini projector that you can connect to your phone and computer, so hosting a meeting is a breeze. 

Our goal is to help myeloma patients, caregivers and family members anywhere they live know more because learning means living longer with multiple myeloma. 

Contact us today at!